Everything in this world has its pros and cons and so does all hand tools and power tools. A hand tool has been there since centuries but power tools have been discovered only in the 1800s.

There are many different types of manual hand tools such as wrenches, pliers, manual saws, screwdrivers and hammers. On the other hand, there are many types of power tools such as circular saws, belt sanders, battery-operated drills and grinders.

Both hand tools and power tools have their advantages and uses. Here we have mentioned advantages of power tools and hand tools.

Hand tools advantages

1. Precise

Hand tools are more precise than power tools. A power tool can give a wrong reading when the batteries are down but a hand tool can never be wrong. Hand tools give you the finest carvings and the most intricate deals in metal, wood and other materials.

Hand tools are easily maneuvered and can be fully controlled manually.

2. Less noisy

Hand tools are not noisy and buzzing enough to cause distress for other people. Hand tools are less disturbing for all your family, co-workers and neighbors. You don’t need ear plugs while working with a hand tool.

3. Safer

With power tools, you are always in doubt of getting an electric shock as power tools run on heavy batteries and high speeds making them dangerous in unexpected situations. Only trained people can use power tools whereas anyone can use hand tools and since you manually operate them, they’re in your control all the time.

4. Convenient

You can use a hand tool anywhere at any time. For using a power tool, you need an extension or any electricity connection whereas a hand tool needs no electricity. You can easily take your hand tools set with you while you’re travelling too.

5. Light weight

Hand tools are not as heavy as power tools so it gets easier to handle them at all times. Their lighter weight makes them simple and easy to use.

6. Hassle-free

Hand tools require no maintenance like a power tool needs cleaning and other maintenance for different parts. They can fit in any compact space without an issue.

Power tools advantages

1. Run automatically

Using a power tool requires less effort as compared to a hand tool. Sometimes it doesn’t even require a laborer to make it work. You can just turn on the machine and it can automatically do its work.

2. Quicker results

Power tools can quickly finish off your work. A hand tool might take several days to finish the work but a power tool can finish it in less than half the time. That’s why people prefer using power tools more these days.