People used to do all the work with hand tools until the 19th century when the invention of these power tools took over the world. These tools are highly efficient and require less time and effort as compared to the tools used by hand.

From cutting a tree to a simple home DIY, power tools are the best option to use. Although they require some heavy energy but they will get your work done quicker than ten laborers can do. Ancient Egyptians were the one to come with the invention of these power tools and people now all around the world thank them.

As the time passed by, modern world created modern types of power tools. Here are the best power tools you all should know about.

Side Grinder

A side grinder is also known as an angle grinder and even a disc grinder. A side grinder is used to polish all metallic and non-metallic objects. It’s even used to cut out or smooth out materials like wood, metal and stone.

Usually, an electric motor, a petrol engine and a compressed tool is required to run a side grinder. There are two types of side grinders available in the market. One is a corded one and the other one is a cordless one.

Biscuit Joiner

The name might sound funny but the main work of a biscuit joiner is to join to pieces of wood together to make one piece. The rounded saw blade of the biscuit joiner is used to cut small holes. A compressed biscuit is then used to glue two pieces of wood together.

A medium-density fiberboard or plywood can be joined using this biscuit joiner.

Power Sanders

Sanding is the most crucial part of making any furniture piece. Sanding helps in removing all the flaws, dents and mill marks from the wood. A heavy-duty power sander can make your work a lot easier.

A power sander comprises of an electric motor, two cylinders and sandpapers. It perfectly evens out rough surfaces.

Heat Gun

A heat gun produces hot air to dry wood, strip old paint, bend hard plastic, shrink film like materials and many other tasks. It has a nozzle and an electric fan to spread out the heat evenly. The heat produced from the air gun ranges from 100 degrees to 550 degrees.


A lathe is used to shape many materials like metal and wood. It has a rotational drive which is placed against the cutting tool. A lathe is used in knurling, sanding, facing, turning, cutting and drilling. Mostly designers, watchmakers and pottery creators use this power tool.

Power Drill

A power drill is used to pierce holes in a wall and fix any screws too. There is a variety of drilling machines available in the market and it’s an essential tool in the tool collection too.