Just like our health is important, our mental well-being is also important. We all have to deal with some stressful situations at home and also at our work place. While we are struggling to make ends meet, we forget about our wellness.

It’s important to take a break from everything and go on a vacation that will mentally refresh us and recharge us for the upcoming hurdles. There are many beautiful destinations in the world that can relax us.

This kind of wellness travel will nurture all the aspects of our mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual health. Here are some of the best destination on earth to calm ourselves.


The most calming and serene destination with soothing waters. It has a pastoral landscape that is there from the ancient times. Greece is still in its natural form and that’s why it gives so much peace to any person who plans to visit it.

Its known for its great food and slow travel. There are remote valleys that have nothing but the sound of goat bells. It’s a beautiful place to visit.


India is the favorite place for yogis all around the world. Many wonders of the world are situated there and if you really want to uplift your spiritual wellness then India is a perfect place for you.

It has the most sacred mother Ganga and Taj Mahal. It’s also the place where Ayurveda and different types of meditation took birth. The most beautiful and tropical place Goa has its own vibes that can freshen up your mind.

Many places in India also follow the mantra chanting which is a part of their rituals. It’s a great destination to heal your inner soul.

Cost Rica

Cost Rica is one of the purest lands this world has. Research shows that Costa Rica’s nation is rated as the happiest nation on the planet. Visiting this place will help in emotional wellness.

Costa Rica offers the most life-affirming experiences and its lush jungles will make you breathe in the fresh air. Beaches of Costa Rica are worth going to for the best surfing and rafting experience in the whitewater.


An exotic place to improve the mental wellness of any person. The sunset and infinity pools of Bali are perfect for relaxation. There are many Indonesian spas that offer health and beauty treatments.

Bali is also a perfect honeymoon destination for couples. Many yoga classes and water massages are available in Bali.


A place with honey tinted tiles and hills has quaint churches for people who want to uplift their spiritual and mental wellness. Over years this place has been titled as a wellness destination. The traditional interiors are to die for.