This market is expanding day by day and many different brands are creating the best tools sets which are of a great quality and have a wide variety of tools in it. You can get many tools sets options from a hardware store but if you are unable to go there due to some issues, you can order them only.

Getting confused is common while getting tools sets as there are many options. To solve this issue, we have listed below the best tools sets. You can choose from such tool box options.

1. PRO 158-Piece Homeowners Tool Set

The kit consists of 158 pieces including the little nuts and bolts too. From different types of wrenches to screwdrivers and ratchet, everything is available in this tool box. This is a compact toolbox everyone should have at home.

2. Dowell 9-Piece Small Hand Tool Kit

A small tool set every bachelor should have too. It has a storage box that is made up of hard plastic. It has every basic tool most people need and costs even less than $20. It even has a digital voltage meter. It has PVC, screwdrivers, a small hammer, a tape meter and pliers.

This 9-piece tool set is so handy that you can take it anywhere in your bag.

3. WorkPro 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit

A complete kit that has the tiniest screws you’ll find in your tablets, cameras and phones too. If you need to fix things that require a small precision, then this tool set is perfect for you. It has all the screws, nuts and bolts.

4. AmazonBasics 65-Piece Homeowners Tool Set

This set of tools come in a handy bag that can be carried anywhere you want. It’s a great storage bag with handles as well as a shoulder strap. This tool kit is a basic one and it has all the standard tools you need in minor repairs and fixations.

It has all the best quality screwdrivers, a good hammer, a measuring tape and much more. The best part is that the bag has enough space to add a few of your own tools as well.

5. Black + Decker 68-Piece Project Kit

If you are thinking of doing a home DIY, then you must buy this project kit. It’s one of the most top-rated kit and apart from the basic tools it offers, it has a 20V lithium drill that will help you in most of your home DIYs or other projects. All the tools come in a soft-sided pouch that is easy to access and easy to carry around.

6. Vastar 102-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit

This tool kit comes in a hard cover box and it has all the necessary tools supplies needed. The kit even has a flashlight and twin sets of Allen wrenches too. It’s a great purchase for the price.