Although there are many outdoor places available for meditation and reconnecting with yourself but there if you get a luxurious experience with all the facilities, it will give you an experience of a lifetime.

There are several wellness retreats and spas in America that help in improving your wellness in all ways. These wellness retreats not only have a good vibe to them but they also have expert therapists. We have mentioned below some of the best wellness retreats you can visit in America.

Red Mountain Resort

This is situated in Ivins, UT and it’s a fantastic wellness spa that has many facilities like steam room, whirlpools and yoga classes. It has a striking name due to its rust-colored Snow Canyon cliffs.

Its mineral-rich muds and desert plants will help you connect with the nature. It also has a private hiking trail and offers activities like kayaking and golfing too.

Lake Austin Resort

This heavenly spa is located in Austin, TX, near the Colorado river. The relaxing resort have many activities lined up for each person. Almost every week the schedule changes and improvements are made. From sunset cruises to yoga sessions, each activity is refreshing and calming for the mind and soul.

A different kind of floatation therapy is offered too. Apart from relaxation activities, adventures like kayaking, hiking, swimming, canoeing and paddleboarding can be done too.

The Lodge at Woodloch

A peaceful spa in Pennsylvania near the Teedyuskung Lake. It has a luxurious environment. They offer different types of massages and other full-body treatments in a traditional Japanese and Thai style. Apart from the traditional style of massage, they also have techniques like hydrotherapy.

There are lush forests around the resort that work as a therapy for all. Rental bikes are available if you want to ride around the forest. Fishing can be done on the lake side.

Miraval Resort and Spa

Owning a private pool with the view of a beautiful landscape is what we all dream for. The Miraval resort and spa is situated near Tucson, Arizona. People from all around the world come here to relax and get some spa treatments.

The resort is known for producing many of its own ingredients such as honey. This resort is all about meditation, massages and body scrubs. Visiting this “Life in Balance Spa” is the best way to disconnect with the world and have some me time.

The Pritikin Longevity Center and spa

This spa is a popular one in Miami, Florida and people from all over America come here to chill and relax. The resort offers some medical exercise programmes and cooking classes too. This will help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It has extensive gardens, almost 5 golf courses and many swimming pools too.