Every house should have a toolbox that has all the necessary tools needed for your home. Hiring an electrician or a carpenter for every tiny repair around the house can get very costly at times, so whenever you plan to get a house, invest in a good tool box to stay away from unnecessary trouble.

Apart from fixing and repairing, many people love to make home DIY or simply hang pictures on the wall. For all such tasks you need these simple tools. We have listed below all the best tools you need at home.


Toolbox is the foremost thing you should have before buying tools. No one likes their tools being scattered in different corners of your home so when you need them, you’re unable to find them.

A good tool box will have several compartments and will be strong enough to store all your collection of screwdrivers, knife, bolts and much more. A good toolbox is available at any hardware store.

Duct Tape

A duct tape helps in fixing all the broken covers, torn tarps, paper and many other things. You should get a duct tape that has a good adhesive power and it should be thick.

Set of Pliers

There are different pliers with different shapes and cutting edges. A good plier has a good grip on everything. Pliers are used for straightening or cutting cord plugs, slice wiring and replacing old shower heads. The four most common type of pliers are long-nose, slip-joint pliers, diagonal-cutting and tongue-and-groove.


A rechargeable flashlight is a must have at all homes. Just like the old-school battery-operated flashlight, you won’t have to run looking after for batteries when the power goes out. Get a handy and compact flashlight.


A hammer is used for driving some nails into the walls or the wood. One side is used to press down the nail and the angled claw is used to pull out any unnecessary nails. A hammer should be durable and strong enough to get the nails out that get bent. It shouldn’t be too heavy or too light in weight.

Screwdrivers Set

A screwdriver set has many different types of screwdrivers, from the smallest to the biggest one. A screwdriver is used in many daily tasks such as tightening a cabinet, opening paint cans or toy covers, installing light switches and much more.

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is used in almost all house chores. You can easily and accurately measure anything using a measuring tape. A common measuring tape is almost 25 feet long. Longer measuring tapes are available too.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is used to open all kinds of boxes, to shave wood, mark mortises and even sharpen pencils. It’s handy and has a good locking blade too.