Everything indeed has its positives and negatives. If there are countless advantages of electronic appliances in our lives, it has countless disadvantages. Excess use of everything is bad, especially for children.

We should keep our children away from too many electronic gadgets, so they don’t become addicted or lose their focus on other essential things. We all should know some disadvantages of electronics, so we control ourselves and our kids.

Less face-to-face communication

We think that the invention of electronic devices such as mobile phones has filled the gap in communication between people miles away. Have you ever noticed how people sitting in a gathering are more involved in using mobile than talking to each other?

Children who get used to these electronic gadgets early tend to interact with people less. They would rather talk to a friend over texting than talking in person. This has created social anxiety in children as well as adults.

If we keep using our phones and iPads on the dinner table, we might have to face a communication gap between our families.


We all have become addicts to these electronic devices; whether playing games, taking photos, or just scrolling on our social media, we can’t stay away from our electronic gadgets for more time.

Children who become addicts to these electronic devices lose self-control. They even have withdrawal symptoms when these gadgets are taken away from them. Children have no interest in outdoor activities; they want to sit at home, play games, or use their smartphones.

Addiction, in later stages, leads to anxiety and sadness.


The use of mobile phones has made us use our social media accounts. On most of our social media accounts, we interact with different people across the globe. We have to face criticism on many aspects that have led to depression. It’s wrong to say that life was simpler and calmer without these phones, tablets, and iPads.

Physical damage

You might not notice any physical damage while your kid uses these electronic devices, but it has many long-term physical damages that can harm your kid in the later stages of life. The first physical damage these touch screens do is weaken your child’s eyesight.

Too much screen time can halt every milestone of your child. You might notice a delayed speech in most children these days. Other than this, it has many bad effects on the developing bodies of your child.


With the invention of these electronic appliances, we have become lazy in doing home chores. We know everything will be automatically done while we can chill on our couch. People have become lazy in cooking, cleaning and other things. Too much use of electronics will make our bodies weaker.