Most kids now spend time indoors in front of their television or using iPads but you have no idea how harmful it is. Children used to play many games in the outdoors back in time. Let’s cherish some of those games so you can also play them with your kids too. Here we have listed some games to be played outdoors.


Hopscotch is the oldest game in which you use a chalk to make a grid. Each box has numbering on it from one to nine. You choose a rock to toss it and then you have to hop towards the furthest box which has that rock fallen on. If you miss the square, your turn is over.

Only one person can go at one time. You can play it with your friends by taking turns one by one.


Marbles is the game that has been played in every generation. You have to draw a circle on the sand and then knock each other’s marbles far out of the circle. Two players can play this game.


Tag is the best childhood game. One person chases all the other players and tries to tag them. You can’t tag the person who has already tagged you. The game goes on till everyone is tired of the game. There is no specific number of players in the game. You can add as many players as you like.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is quite an interesting game where every player hides in different places and one person searches them all. The first person to get caught will have the next turn. The game ends when all players are done searching and one player wins.

Capture the Flag

Another fun game that can be played outdoors with a large group of people. It can’t be played with one or two persons as both teams should have some players. The main purpose of the game is to capture the flag from other team’s territory and bring it to your territory without the other team tagging you in between.

Four Square

A large court is needed to play this game. One large court is divided into four smaller squares. Each player stands in one box. The ball is tossed amongst members of the game. Game rules are decided by the first member or whoever wins the toss. Anyone who is unable to catch the ball or violates the rules is out of the game.

Traffic Cop

A game to teach kids about traffic and traffic signals. You need all kinds of bikes, scooters, wagons or cars to play this game. Preferably, a large paved area is required. The game has its own rules that are decided amongst the members. 8-10 players are required to make this game enjoyable and fun.