USA being the biggest countries of the world has many beautiful destinations within it that people from all parts of the world travel to. Almost 80% people of America have not seen all of those remarkable places in the US.

USA is huge and it has a variety of destinations including beachy places as well as historical places. If you live in America or you’re planning to visit America, then this article is for you as we have listed the best five destination to travel to in the US.

New York City

New York is known as the busiest state of America and also the business hub. Whether day or night, New York is the city that never sleeps. New York is also famous for its museums and art.

Pizza like New York’s pizza is nowhere else in the world. You will never find yourself getting bored in New York. Every little place from Times Square to New York’s skyscrapers are worth exploring.

San Diego

San Diego is quite an appealing city for most travelers. It has the best beaches and the best water activities. Surfing at the Mission and Pacific beaches is a dream of everyone. San Diego is also known for its food. The Balboa Park and its museum is perfect for people who like historical places.

Taking a ferry ride to the famous Coronado Island and then seeing the sun set at La Jolla is an experience of a life time.


Miami beaches, its food and its night life are famous amongst people of all nations and countries. Miami is for people who love clubbing as there are many fantastic clubs in Miami. Apart from clubs, there are multiple museums filled with art, history and culture.

The sands of Miami beach will make you feel a lot better and the fresh waters will freshen up your mind.

Las Vegas

The hub of all casinos and extravagant hotels is a perfect place to spend your holidays at. People from all countries come to Las Vegas to try their luck. It’s also known as a Sin City and the “city of lights”.

It has the most lavish spas and chic pools to give you the relaxation you have been waiting for. There are many attractions and activities to do in Las Vegas.


If you are a fan of snow sports, then this place is for you. Aspen is basically the Luxe Colorado mountain town that has the best ski slopes. People love to spend their winter holidays here.

Travelers also love to spend their vacation hiking on different trails and enjoying the panoramic views of the area. It has many high-end boutiques and a great atmosphere to spend quality time with your friends and family.