Electrical tools are a bit different from the normal tools you see at home. Every electrician whether a beginner or pro need common electrical tools without which they can’t do their work properly.

A pro electrician is always in a search of latest tools that provide them with the best results. Electrical tools are easily available at many stores. Since there are many different types of electrical tools, some are over-priced, some offer a great quality. You should choose your tools wisely. Here are the eight best tools every electrician should have.

Non-Contact Voltage Detector

A non-contact voltage detector is very important for every electrician. It’s used to detect whether the circuit is alive or not, or the current is passing through or not. A good quality voltage detector will provide the most accurate readings.


A multimeter is the most used product by electricians all around the world. It helps in measuring the overall voltages and current. It also helps you locate where the power fluctuation is happening in the wire. Get an all-in-one tester that helps to check voltage.

Tape Measure

All beginners and pro electricians use the same kind of tape measure. A tape measure is used to measure different heights of a switch and power outlet placement. Even if you have to cut a wire, you need a tape measure to measure it accurately.

Wire Stripper

A stripper wire is one of the most handy tools that is used in cutting a strong insulation wire. A good quality wire stripper has a good cutoff portion and cutting teeth with various sizes. It helps in cutting the strongest wires with the least hand force.


Although there is a basic plier that every electrician uses but there are several types of pliers a pro electrician needs. There are side-cutting pliers as well as diagonal pliers to cut different kinds of wires. They can trim, cut and even twist wires when needed.

Fish Tape

The main purpose of a fish tape is to route new wirings through any metal, electrical, PVC and walls. Fish tapes are available in different lengths.


A level helps to give you the accuracy in everything you do. All your work should be leveled including the wall plates, switches and straight outlet covers. A level is usually compact and handy.


Screwdrivers come in many different shapes and types. Mostly an electrician needs an entire set of screwdrivers. If you buy a good quality screwdriver set, it can last many decades. There are many options when it comes to screwdrivers.

There are multi-tip screwdrivers that have interchangeable tips, electronic tips, magnetic tips and clip-style screwdrivers. You can even find precise screwdriver sets and clip-style screwdriver set too.